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S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories, but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.





SPI - Ghost Guardians Book 2 - Click here to purchase



Bri Lancaster and Kyle Benton (SPI ghost detectives) investigate an 1870s rundown, haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere during one of the harshest winters remembered.

The SPI team uncovers that the evil entity bound to the mansion has trapped innocent spirits into an endless loop of abuse, sorrow, and the ultimate…death. In order to rescue the captives, the team discovers they must first defeat the crazed, abusive ghost.

But what happens when SPI team member, Kyle, goes missing and the only way to find him is to extract the information from the horrifying evil entity?






Ghost Guardians - Book 1 Click here to purchase


Bri’s intent was to work for her father, but ghosts, an old high school sweetheart, a downtrodden best bud, and a deceitful tormenter play havoc with her future.  

Kyle broke it off with Bri before college, but realizes he still harbors unrequited feelings for her. Then he discovers Bri’s ability and wants to keep her close, not just for himself, but as an asset for Spectral Paranormal Investigations.

Ghosts rely on Bri, Kyle confuses her, the best bud requires stability, and the bully deserves a punch in the face until they join forces in a mission to rescue the paranormal—those spirits left behind. Murder, mystery, and mayhem abound…in ghost-form!?






Book 5 Wrath

Kendra Sparks’ vacation gets cut short when Sassy Blaze, the captured voodoo priestess of the dark arts, hangs herself in prison, and a string of curious deaths follows.


Attempting to stop Sassy costs lives, relationships, and creates unexpected complications, especially for Derek and Kendra.


Who will defeat the voodoo, dark witch when she can possess whoever she wants?


The FBI-VCU-SI team must deal with the ultimate test of good vs. evil and sacrifices might be the only way. It’s not looking promising...




Book 4 Oblivious

Kendra communicates with ghosts. She’s gone from a best-selling suspense-mystery author to an FBI asset on a secret mission team.

Jenna, an FBI criminal analyst and Kendra’s best friend, died in a fatal accident, but she continues to work for the team with Kendra’s translations.

 Derek Knight, an FBI Special Agent, leads the FBI-Violent Crimes Unit-Sensitive (better known as Supernatural) Investigations team to fight evil entities disrupting the Earth plane.

 A Voodoo Priestess turned evil witch of the dark arts steps in with a vengeance…

The world changes for Derek now that he sees the dark spirits. But defeating them is no simple task, especially when one resides inside someone on his team. Oblivious much?





Book 3 Albatross

 Kendra Spark, Derek Knight, and “ghosty” Jenna Powers, members of an FBI special task force, investigate a cold-case and end up facing the ultimate psychopaths, a highly-accredited police director gone crime lord and a beautiful malevolent “albatross of a spirit” – who both want Kendra for her unique abilities, and both possess the means to steal her away.


Jenna and Derek stop at nothing to keep Kendra safe, but what if the worst-case villain and villainess were unstoppable?







Book 2  Malevolent

Kendra Spark, suspense-mystery writer and communicator with the dead, signs on to the next FBI Special Task Force case, trafficked girls that are marked to lose their souls.


Jenna Powers, ghostified criminal analyst, sticks close to the case as she and Kendra are also marked by the same malevolent supernatural force.


Derek Knight, lead FBI Agent on this case, learns of the malevolent entity and the deeper paranormal realm of danger.


Kendra’s unfiltered feelings for Derek struggle to take a backseat, and as the menacing threat grows more intense, so does her passion for Derek.

 Derek faces uncertainties he’s never dealt with in his past, like malicious entities and the loss of his heart to love. How can he protect Kendra against forces he can’t see?

 As boundless supernatural danger intertwines with the future reality of the trafficked teens, Kendra and Jenna realize only they can shoulder the rescue by calling in a voodoo priestess…



Book 1 Unorthodox

 Kendra Spark, suspense-mystery romance author and communicator with the dead, is requested to hop on the first flight to D.C.

Jenna Powers, FBI criminal analyst and estranged best friend of Kendra, gets ghosticized in a fatal accident before relaying all the details of the FBI killer case.

Derek Knight, a dedicated (hot) FBI Special Task Force agent, takes lead on the case.

The investigation into the FBI agent killings continues as Kendra, Jenna – yes, even after death – and Derek work together on the case before Director of the Special Task Force Jackson Powers’ number is up. He’s Jenna’s father and the end-game of the killer’s target list.

Somehow the elusive killer remains undetected, until Kendra’s unique ability produces results and a final possibility at stopping his killing spree before it’s too late.





To save humankind from an apocalyptic Troll take-over, Sky, an unrealized Mystic, and Rune, a brand-new Dragon changeling, must bond and share their Magick. An adult fantasy romance of a present-day tale with Mystics, Dragons, Fey, Trolls, and Magick, and the prophecy that draws them all together.










 Amber Eyes Glow - Stand Alone


Morgan Redding faces evil in her mother’s new husband, who hates her. She ends up at her aunt and uncle’s animal rescue refuge, where she meets Rowan, among other animals.




Rowan Marcus falls hard for the new woman who takes up residence at the wildlife refuge. The cougar inside him wants to make her its mate. Rowan can’t stop his need to protect her at all costs.



Kara shows up with a gun, a woman who set-up Morgan for too many falls with her stepfather.


Hell breaks loose, animals killed, a crime syndicate’s involved, and Morgan’s something different than she ever knew existed. Too many secrets, too many forces at work, leaving it as…may the best “being” win.



What a fast-paced book! I loved it. - 5 stars

Kendra can see ghosts which is why her BFF Jenna (who is an FBI agent) asks for her help with a difficult case involving what seems to be a serial killer who is targeting FBI agents. Jenna is murdered just before she can relay this information to Kendra, but Kendra can still talk to her now-ghosty BFF and together they solve the crime.

This book is a romance - with the sexy detective Derek as the love interest - with tons of fast-paced action and tight writing. It's an easy read and you'll zip through the pages fast. I highly recommend it. Amazon Reviewer - JD



Reviewer Sharon - 5 stars

Kendra Spark can see ghosts. That is the reason her long-time friend, Jenna Powers, asked her to come to Washington D.C., but Kendra was only told it was life or death. Jenna wants Kendra to use her “gift” to help her crack an FBI case.

Jenna dies in Chapter One. Yes, serious action from beginning to end. You will also watch a budding love interest between Kendra and FBI agent Derek Knight. Twists and turns abound, but danger rules.

It’s hard to put this book down, but you’ll be glad to know it’s only the first in the Kendra Spark Novel series.