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Betty Annand was born in Vancouver, but moved to Courtenay when she was ten and has resided there ever since. She began her writing career writing comedy plays for seniors before writing two history books about the early settlers in the Comox Valley. Her first novel was published in 2017. Her second novel was published in 2018 and her third in 2020, thus completing a trilogy. This is Betty’s fourth novel and is based on stories her father told her about his adventures working his way from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada when he came from England in 1910.

Books and novels by Betty:- Voices from Bevan, Voices from Courtenay Past, The Girl from Old Nichol, The Woman from Dover, The Lady from New York and ……………...







Just when Josie, a woman in her mid-eighties begins to think that she has become as redundant as a clam shell, a stranger needs her help. Once again she finds that her life has a purpose. Then, when she, her granddaughter, Fern, and her sister, Grace, all agree to accompany the stranger on a trip to a ranch in the Cariboo, they have no idea of the danger that awaits them. That’s when the three women, with a little help from a handsome young man who admires Fern, manage to solve a mystery that has plagued the stranger for years.  Josie has had an adventure she will never forget and she returns to her life in the Comox Valley with enough excitement to last her for a lifetime.      

This story has romance for both the young and the elderly, humor, and mystery. It begins on the beach at Kye Bay in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and continues at a ranch in the Cariboo. 




Canada by Jove is a historical fiction novel about a handsome and daring young Englishman, Bert White, who accompanies his brother, Ernie, on a journey across the ocean to Canada in 1910. They leave England with only a few pence in their pockets, but with their pleasing personalities, musical talents and imaginations, they arrive in Montreal with enough cash to enjoy a few weeks of leisure before looking for employment.

This novel takes the reader on a journey through the towns and cities of 1900s Canada from the East Coast to the West Coast. Readers experience the hardships that early settlers had to endure, and except for the town of Glory, all the cities and towns mentioned in this book are, or were, real.

Bert is willing to try his hand at any job that comes his way but he soon discovers that being a cowboy isn’t as romantic as he had imagined and a hobo’s life isn’t enviable.

In Calgary Bert meets Nell, a pretty young girl who has come from Nova Scotia to stay with her sister and brother-in-law. They marry and after their fourth child is born, they set out on a journey by car for Vancouver—a four month journey in an older model touring car, loaded down with all their belongings and tenting gear, through mountains and canyons on dirt, trail-like roads. The dangers they encounter on this trip are frightening but the scenery and the towns they visit make it all worth while.

Join this extra-ordinary couple as they build a life and raise a family at a time when the Canadian west was in its infancy.