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"They Can Find You Anywhere.

They Can Get To You Anytime.

Society's Rejects Are Striking Back.


Disgraced former FBI agent Kevin Arneson once hunted the world's most dangerous terrorists. Now, back home in a tense, post-George Floyd Minneapolis, he takes on a new challenge when one of his closest friends receives serious death threats. The suspects: group of embittered, sex-starved, and sometimes violent young men called incels, who are terrorizing and then killing successful middle-aged women with no apparent connection to each other. Each victim inexplicably admits the killers into her home, despite widespread publicity and hysteria over the serial murders. Arneson, defying warnings from the FBI and police to stand down, recruits his friend Camryn Becket, an ex-lover and former deep-cover CIA agent, to help track the mystery assailants. As the death toll mounts, Arneson and Becket pursue the killers, burrowing through layers of deception. In a stunning climax, they uncover a monstrous scheme that goes beyond the murders, reaching back into their own troubled past."


Incel, a thriller