Mohan Ashtakala is an initiated Hindu Vaishnava priest and has lived in yoga ashrams across India.  His goal is to reveal the authentic narratives of the Yoga tradition through the medium of modern, page-turning novels. Mohan lives in Calgary, Canada with his wife Anuradha, son Hrishi, daughter Gopi and Lila, the family's Boston Terrier. He can sometimes be spotted absentmindedly chanting mantras in the city's parks.


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Chantley Armstrong, a white woman raised in an ashram in India, and Sam Johnson, a proud young black man, come across each other in Boulder, Colorado. The intense feelings aroused by the chance encounter suggest that they share a relationship from previous lives.

Chantley sees the world through the eyes of karma. “Everyone acts according to their karma,” she says, “maybe even entire nations.”

Deeply concerned with American injustice, racism and militarism, he asks, “What can you say about a country that starts its history with a slavery and a genocide? What kind of karma is that?”

Once sheltered but now on her own, Chantley struggles to adapt and gain courage, while Sam, deeply intellectual, strives to find his center.

Discovering that they may have been lovers at a plantation in South Carolina during the antebellum period, they journey through the South, visiting places and people connected to America’s troubled past and uncertain present.

As they fall deeper in love, their travel exposes conflicts whose origins neither is able to explain. They locate their plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, but its exploration reveals a shocking truth about the real nature of their relationship—one that makes them question who they are, their deep-seated beliefs and the meaning of love.



A mysterious Sanskrit scripture discovered in an ancient Himalayan temple.

Two brothers from the American heartland sharing a close, yet troubled, relationship.

An evil despot determined to conquer the past, present and future.
And a beautiful young woman who tests the brothers’ bond.

Little do Jack and Steve realize that the text is actually a prescription for time-travel. In the midst of a deep conflict, they are transported to different destinations. At time’s beginning, Steve’s heart opens to the beautiful Shanti and learns at last to both love and let go. At the ending age, Jack, sucked into the intrigue and treachery of a civilization unravelling under a dark dictator, is finally forced to become accountable for his actions.
The Yoga Zapper uses themes found in the authentic narratives and prophecies of the Indian subcontinent: yogis meditating for thousands of years, Avatars descending from spiritual realms, magical flying craft known as vimanas, and at the end of time (which is also time’s beginning,) a world-consuming battle between good and evil.

This story has it all -- fantasy, adventure, spirituality, and romance. Ashtakala writes with extraordinary attention to the details of the yoga tradition, in a way the reader can easily understand and appreciate. Jack, Steve, and the people they encounter in their journeys are characters that will stay with you for a long, long time.

-Julia Marshall, writer | communications & change management specialist | yoga teacher.