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DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.  
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Samantha’s dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother’s new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust. That is until his life depends on her saving him. But she won’t be able to do it alone…

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When I read the title I was excited about having the opportunity to read a wolf shifter book. Well that was not the case. And I was not disappointed.
Here you have a wonderful story about a young woman named Sam and her dog Koko. Sam's father died 2 years ago. With her mother's marriage to her father's best friend she is left at her aunt's resort during their honeymoon. To feel closer to her father she spends hours fishing the lake, and finds a friend in need.
Amazon says it should take you about 3 hours to read this. I warn you, make sure you have them 3 hours planned in advance, you will not want to stop reading untill the end.....I recommend this book to YA readers as this is the age group the author is shooting for. But in my opinion anyone will enjoy this book.

The Book Junkie Reads says: This has the drama of a teenager world. The isolation that comes with blending in to a new family. The confusion of the loss of a parent. The reality of how life can keep coming even when you are ready to give up and just let go of it all. Sam, Lisa, Mike, and Umdare have themselves a lot of catching up to do with this one. Trust, respect, understanding, and much more are needed if they want to make it to the next stages of what was coming their way. This was a young adult sci-fi/fantasy that gave the drama, brought on the mystery, and even had a bit of suspense holding you up in place. I am captivated and looking forward to the next installment.  CLICK COVER TO PURCHASE




Kendra Spark, suspense-mystery romance author and communicator with the dead, is requested to hop on the first flight to D.C. Jenna Powers, FBI criminal analyst and estranged best friend of Kendra, gets ghosticized in a fatal accident before relaying all the details of the FBI killer case. Derek Knight, a dedicated FBI Special Task Force agent, leads on the case.

The investigation into the FBI agent killings continues as Kendra, Jenna (yes, even after death, and Derek work together on the case before Director of the Special Task Force Jackson Powers’ number is up. He’s Jenna’s father and the end-game of the killer’s target list. But somehow the elusive killer remains undetected, until Kendra’s unique ability produces results and